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Did you know that not all bilingual consumers want to work with a bilingual broker? Take advantage of our bilingual and “in-language” marketing materials to help you build trust with your multicultural clients.

NEW Chinese (Mandarin) Title/Escrow eBook "Buyer Information Guide in Chinese"

This is a high-impact resource you can use to help your Chinese speakers feel at ease when learning about title and escrow. Contents can be sent as individual PDFs and include:

Your Journey to Homeownership Brochures/PDFs

This marketing brochure helps real estate professionals market their services to prospective customers and assists our clients during the trust building process with consumers by breaking down the education barrier to homeownership.

Currently Available:

Title and Escrow Brochures/PDFs

"Title and Escrow" is a bilingual brochure that explains what title insurance and escrow is, who the key parties are and what their role or responsibility is. Each brochure is in English and one of the following languages:

Title and Escrow Websites

Chicago Title is honored to offer you the following consumer facing websites to help educate the public about title and escrow, and other housing related topics.

Key Real Estate Terms

Real Estate related vocabulary to help industry professionals and consumers communicate better